Sunday, December 3, 2017

Cuz You Know How Time Fades Away

Chicken Tortilla Soup
I make enough homemade hot sauce that if I don't fully indulge it goes bad before I finish it all.  Putting a good cup of it in soups is a great way to ensure it's good use.  But it does much more than prevent waste.  It's a virtual flavor enhancer in the same respect as Sofrito. And a thousand times better and healthier than a bouillon cube.  Understanding cooking techniques and tools is something I'll never stop learning and I'll regret the years I've squandered not trying to pick up more international skills here in New York.  The problem with having cheap amazing take-out and dine-in options is that you don't take the time to recreate them.  Maybe hopefully not too many years from now when we're living in a cozy little house somewhere in the west, I will remember the taste of that Kang Panang Nuur and do just that.

In the meantime at least I've taken advantage of all the fresh local produce and invented many versions of my own Mexican chicken soup.

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