Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Been Getting To the Bottom of the Bottom Getting To Me

I'm a smart lady but certainly still dumb enough to do loads of stupid things.  Like play chicken with the older men that tend to ride those low bikes with banana seats that they probably borrowed from their 10 year old step son but still wanna ride the wrong way down the bike lanes and put us all at risk.  To them I'm saying, years of veering onto traffic to avoid hitting you has lead me to daring maneuvers lately where I let the chips fall where they may.  You wanna meet your thick-witted equal?  I'm right here pretending like I don't see you.  Some fifty-something girl just beaten enough to take my chances on a head on collision because I desperately need to win just one battle on this day.  You think you're the only one who's losing everything in this life?  There are a lot of us just hanging on to our better sides by a thread.  Don't think you own the market on crazy.  Daily torment comes in many variations.  And some of us are stacked way high.
On my saner days I understand higher concepts like relativity and civility.  How actions shape your character.  I'm grateful and calm. But if I'm having a bad day there's no guarantee that won't all go down the drain.
Last night P had a middle aged man in a nice suit confront him downtown in Manhattan. Walked up and started yelling at him.  He assumed P was a Trump supporter I'm guessing because of his Hamm's Beer hat.  P was offended that anyone had the self righteous attitude to get in his face regardless of his political leanings.  That guy was lucky that P kept his cool and didn't decide that this is the day he needed to let out his own anger and frustration at the world.  The people in the middle, the one's that live quietly and don't really want much but to be left alone are being challenged right now I feel.  We're the people you don't want to get riled up as we've kept it all bottled up inside all our lives.
We're being prodded to get in the game, take sides, to fight.  Whether it be by bullying behavior on the street, at work, on-line, the media.  It seems there is a push in every direction. 
But some of us are not meant to be billboards for causes.  Instead we interpret the information and communicate that back through music or paintings.  We write our findings or share a photograph, a film.  In our own way we convert and recycle the mass energy just not the way some folks expect it, insist upon it.  But if not given that outlet, we may just hall off and be your worst ignorant nightmare on the street one night.  Reminds me of that scene in Used People.

I went home and poured my vigor into creating a beautiful plate of food.  A well seasoned pork chop with baked apple wedges, an accordion potato served on a bed of spinach,garlic and tomato.

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