Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Lord Lift Us Up Where We Belong

I finally bailed my sweet Dave Scott out of the repair shop.  They were holding him down at the Bike Truck on Hoyt Street.  The charge was outrageous but the kid did not lie when he said it would feel like a whole new bike.  The gears are smooth and my brakes actually halt the wheels.  Something that is shocking when you've been Flintstoning those stops for months.
Deluxe tune-up, brake pads, new cables, bottom bracket, chrome cassette, new chain, rear derailleur and they even took him a bath!
I made a celebratory meal to welcome him back.  Black & Pinto Bean Cheese Burgers with Nectarine Salsa.

Earlier that day I had a bowl of my leftover Corn Chowder Soup.

The best feeling was lifting Dave back up where he belongs, at home here with me.  Get some rest buddy, we gotta work tomorrow.

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