Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Just Look Over Your (Pork) Shoulder Honey

Holiday Pork Posole Quick-Stylie
A Quicker Holiday Pork Posole. Do it right or take some short cuts. Either way the end of the story should show you sitting in front of a big bowl of this amazing soup. https://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/holiday-pork-posole-350820
Instead of cooking a large pork shoulder, I bought a few country ribs and a pack of cut up stew meat, browned first and then into the oven to braise.  It saves a little step if you're making a smaller pot.  Plus years ago a pork butt would be very affordable. Now they want like 25 dollars for one.  I told myself look you shouldn't even eat pork, so make a small pot, save some money, health and calories. Another change was I didn't chill the meat and broth overnight but instead made the pork and continued on with the process on the stove top, skimming the fat as I could.  I helped this by trimming the pieces of excess beforehand.
If someone really loves you, they'll make this for you and you will be healed of all current ailments.  It does wear off like a spell on Bewitched but it really does work.

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