Friday, August 25, 2017

Come Tomorrow May I Be Bolder

Shredded Salad
At one point in my life I had aspirations to be a guitar shredder.  I felt I had the mental angst to pull it off.  I could hear the guitar talking in my head, hear the way I would play. I was so moved by guitarists and it moved me to pull what I had out of my gut and out of that amp.  It seemed feasible I bring my skills to life.  I had moments.  However, after years of practicing scales alone in my room, guitar lessons with disinterested stoner teachers, and then more after I moved to California - nothing happened.  Well, lots happened actually but I didn't become exactly.  I was lucky to play guitar and sing in some bands and to have a very short lived feeling of being a real musician on stage, even getting paid. But at the very same time my entire view of music, guitar, tone, sound, lyrics - everything was changing drastically.  It seemed I had missed quite a bit of musical growth after high school.  I suddenly found it impossible to learn further without first doing a lot of listening. But the new sounds were so fascinating and realizing how much great stuff I had never heard, I kept on listening instead of playing.  Now 30 some years later, I'm still receiving but the guitar has become a dust collector.
It's a regret but hell I don't need another reason to be disappointed in myself.  We're all stocked up here, even my under-stock is full of dissatisfaction. Instead my spin now is that later in life I will pick up an instrument and learn post retirement.  It could happen.  And I truly believe it will.  I still have that need to push something out musically.
Shredded Iceberg lettuce is one of the last great cheap joys.  It's the straight man in your perfect comedy.  Whatever super spicy or fresh or tangy accompaniment pairs exceptionally well.  Like these spicy pinto beans with nectarine salsa.

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