Saturday, January 11, 2014

If I Can't Have You

Determined to have my cheese enchilada experience tonight without the cheese or corn tortillas, I compromised and set out to make Deconstructed Chicken Enchiladas.  I seasoned and stir fried small thin slices of chicken breast and set aside. Then did the same with a large sweet onion.
Then I set out to make the quick enchilada sauce.
When that was finished I added my chicken, onions and lots of garlic.  And to replace the corny flavor of the torts, I put in a heap of that nutty flavored millet leftover from the day before. 
I plated it up with a nice bed of cool lemon-zested thin-sliced lettuce and onions.
It has been a challenge to replace some of the old empty carb solutions with tasty, affordable alternatives.  And the absence of cheese for me has been especially heartbreaking but again, I have to say my migraines have weakened dramatically. 
This scratched that itch and I never once missed the cheese.  The millet leaves you much more satisfied but does not weigh you down at all. 

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