Monday, January 27, 2014

But It's All Right Now, I Learned My Lessons Well

I've mentioned the Frontier Woman's webpage many times.  She does it well and our styles are similar (if I was super organized and actually wrote out the recipes...and took better pictures).  I've been seeking a chicken curry recipe that P would like because he's not fond of Tumeric. 
This one is perfect!  Tom's Trinidadian Curry Chicken.  Find recipe here:
What makes this different is the pico de gallo-like marinade on the chicken you do beforehand.  And the mustard.

The spices are the same but the flavors take a turn when combined with the marinated mix.  Another good point she makes is to get a good curry powder blend if you're not doing your own.  Some are better than others. And make sure it hasn't been sitting around forever.

I loved this so much and made a huge family pack of thighs.  Served it over millet. 

P said he would 'eat it again' and that it was 'good'.  Men are so got-damn frustrating, stubborn, poker faced, emotionless, bast....well, let's just say they're different than women, as we all know. You must be so crafty in order to pry real answers out of them in some cases and even then, you have to take it back to the lab and analyze what they really meant by it.  So P hates Indian curry.  I am trying to find recipes he will finally see the light or where the turmeric is in just the right amounts where he'll understand he does like it, it just must be in small amounts, like ginger! He thought he hated ginger too but I taught him it just had to be in lighter doses.  He ate it but I've seen him eat just about anything.  When asked (mind you, not like he willingness burst out and said 'this is good! or anything)...he said it was 'good'.  Period, no more words.  So even though he had it twice, I think my conclusion is that he would eat it again if I served it but he'd never anticipate it or crave it.  He found it 'not objectionable', which is a far cry from loving it.
Well...I Loved it!  So much that I will make it numerous times and try little variances.  I was thrilled with the depth that the pico marinade gave it. And that opens your mind to so many other combinations.  This is one recipe that you want people you love to make so you can share the experience with them.  If you love braised meats and fat free flavor packed sauces, this is the dish for you. 

Women are natural pleasers.  We like to make people feel good.  But us women that have lived a bit longer, seen a lot more, been through it done it and back again,  sort of get a little bored with the concept after awhile.  Sometimes you just gotta let it go.  But not only that but allow yourself to be pleased.  I made this dish for the nut but I was the one tickled pink about it and gave myself all the adulations that I required.

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  1. Editor's note: I have not made this in 5 years, so that tells you how much I stick to my guns. I should make this for my sister.


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