Tuesday, January 21, 2014

You Dropped a Bomb on Me Baby

So this was the day of the big storm, or one of them.  We were to see 8-12 inches of snow and the mayor asked everyone to stay home if possible because the drop in temperatures along with the winds and snow was going to make travel treacherous.  It was my day off and so I was all set to document this big event and began taking pictures first sight of precipitation. 
It did snow all day but it never seemed to accumulate although the winds and cold did make it feel as bad as predicted. 
Seemed as though people took the mayors advice and stayed off the streets. 
In the afternoon a word was buzzing on the news channels. Bombogenesis, which seemed to translate to an extreme land mass cyclone.  Bonus!  A new weather word and a new super storm. This might prove to be an exciting day!

What do you make for a bombostorm? I was thinking colorful but warm.  I begrudgingly bought the 98% fat free ground turkey from Jennie-O this week.  I'm resentful because of the extreme price hike in say 85% fat free versus 98.  I made a stir fry of sorts with Bok Choy, celery, onions, ginger, carrots, garlic and my ground turkey. 
I found this TVP, Textured Vegetable Protein, that I will use as filler for chicken and veggie burgers but actually worked well as a 'mock rice'.  I don't have enough energy to research if this soy is the bad isolate or the good stuff.  To be honest I am having food industry anger contention or FIAC. I'm self diagnosed.  Something like grocery shopping should not require as much hard research as it seems to these days. And this is causing unnecessary time, angst, frustration and money. I often wonder, aren't other people outraged?

I loved this dish even though it's a bit country to use ground turkey in a stir-fry, it actually works with the heat of the chili oil.



I continued to document the storm like the nerd that I am. In the end it was about 6 inches,  I'd never call it a bomb.  Around 7pm though it was very blizzard like.

Nighttime came and even the reporters were losing their woodies for this historical blast. It's winter.  It snowed.  No big shakes.



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