Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Big Payback, Hit Me Two Times!

Enchiladas are easy in some ways but I find them a bit of work in my tiny kitchen. You need an assembly line type of set up, room to spread out. And in the end, with all the dipping and oil and pans, it's an ordeal. A messy ordeal. I made these last night for the nut's birthday. I was smart enough to make an extra pan of them to reheat and serve today!

For me leftovers are like the chef's meal because all the hard work is already done and you can just heat and enjoy it. As a matter of fact last night I was so tired that I don't remember even being that hungry by the time I got the food together on the plate.

Plus it also brings back memories of being in the kitchen of my mom and dad's restaurant back in Fort Wayne. There I would construct my ultimate plate of any combination from the pots of ready made ingredients. Heaven here on earth I tell ya. And then Coke on tap. We had the best Coke. It was super fizzy. I think my dad must have set up the carbonated water ratio just right. It would burn your throat going down but in a good way.

Here I used my leftover over pineapple salsa, fresh cut chilled lettuce, canned black beans with cheese and pickled penos and a reheated cheese enchilada with my mom's secret sauce. It's always easy too to perk up leftovers by adding something fresh, like the lettuce and avocado.

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