Thursday, March 14, 2013

Got to Get Back to the Real Nitty Gritty

We went to see a show and decided to have dinner near P's work in Union Square. It was still pretty cold and we had an hour to kill before we needed to be to the lower east side. Amazing fast, inexpensive, exciting food from Republic.

I struggle with trying new things because I love this dish, Sauteed Beef Salad. So much so that I've dissected it and will definitely make it at home the next chance I get. Bean sprouts, green onions, fresh tomato slices, crushed peanuts, cilantro, mint and thin steak over angel hair noodles with rice wine vinegar. That's the list as I taste it.

Being as we were freezing and had the extra time we decided to venture up to Times Square. We could warm up on the subway and then take a look see at some of my old haunts. Uh, have you been to Times Square lately? It's gettin' weird again people. For a minute there when the economy was good, it seemed to be cleaning up. Morphing into some other place. A Times Square movie set of Times Square or other. Whatever it was, it was odd too.

Well first of all the 'plazas' where they shut down the streets and tried to put cute little bistro tables already look sad and run down, the paint is off the concrete. It's dirty again. The piss smells are back. Chaos is back. Now there are dozens of Elmo's and Big Birds, Power Rangers and other grungy rented animated celebrity knock offs. They come at you from all angles, trying to get money to take a picture as statues of liberty's lookon. Their fake fur all matted and skanky.

In the news this week another one of those impersonators was caught shoving a child because his mother wouldn't cough up the buck to take the shot.

We left on the train feeling the need for a shower. The shadiness and up-to-no-good feeling was back of that area. The real desolate hollowed out souls were back. Danger was back. I might be wrong but Times Square is back!!! This to me is a very good sign. If Times Square can get creepy again, there is hope for us all!

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