Saturday, March 9, 2013

I Can't Get Next To You

Grilled Ruebens made with pastrami because I'll be damned if we could find corned beef at any store!

On a very rare day off together I figured we'd celebrate with recently craved Reuben sandwiches. Easy right?

Wrong! We traveled the seven seas looking for corned beef. Normally ever bodega would carry it but this time, everyone was out. Then the sauerkraut was also a rarity in the specialty shops. Had to buy some 'good for you kind' that wasn't very sour. Fresh Rye bread turned out to be a bit elusive as well. Oh and Russian dressing? Seems they might not even make it anymore. I substituted Thousand Island.

We were so hungry. At this point we just wanted to eat. All in all after everything was said and done, it's a miracle this sandwich got made. It was a labor of love. We bought the good Clausen's crunchy pickles and some expensive hoidy toidy frozen baked fries to go with it.

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