Wednesday, October 24, 2012

This Magic Moment, So Different and So New

I love Brooklyn in the fall, just as the leaves are beginning to change. The old architecture mixed with the fallen leaves and cracked sidewalks. Its the perfect setting. Its crisp and you no longer smell the urine in the air. Ah, Autumn in New York!
But I also get sad when all the green leaves go away so I made a nice ground turkey tomatillo chili, or green chili. I love this because it contains mostly green ingredients like tomatillos, green onion, green peppers. This time, poblano and jalapeno peppers, lots of cilantro and cumin, garlic, sweet onion.
You know how to make chili so this is not a recipe per say, just another road to go down instead of the usual red chili. Its more tart and tangy. With fresh lime squeezed over top and a dollup of Greek yogurt and Mexican oregano to finish.
Soon all the leaves will be gone and the sky will be grey for months.
The temps will drop down to sub zero and everyone will be under huge bubbly jackets and boots.
For just a couple of months though, we have this amazing not too hot, not too cold weather where you can walk the streets comfortably in a warm sweater or light jacket. My hair looks much better in the fall, no longer frizzy. I sweat much less and tend to be less cranky.
The holidays are still far enough off so you can look forward to them and not dread them.
I love this part best because it hasn't happened yet. Just like the moment before you open your presents or right before you taste a bowl of slammin' good chili. The 'just before' period.

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