Saturday, October 6, 2012

I Just Might Love You Baby, Don't Do Me Like That

It's the oddest building I've ever seen this Barclay's Center. It still throws you off seeing it smack in the middle of Brooklyn. And the color! I can't get past the architecture to even begin thinking of anything else.
I'm told to watch the documentary, and then I'll have more to say about all the rest. I remember all the protests but at the time I figured we'd be out of here before all that nonsense took place. Then we moved closer. Doh!
Always lately I tell myself, 'find the bright side monkey', maybe there is something in the change that will be good. Like for example a better run PathMark grocery store which is right across the street. That place is a gold mine but pure and utter chaos ensues. They have business out the ass but whoever is in charge of that place has clearly given up or is off their meds. You have to question every item for price and expiration.
The truth is I need to find a better place to shop. But it's so close! I want to trust the produce guy because he looks like he cares and is always in his department. But can I? They do have good healthy looking greens most days. This day I bought the huge heads of cabbage they had on sale. And of course the old stand by, chicken thighs. You can get about 6 meals out of one package for under 5 bucks. I know I can't trust the market butchers. And that's not cool. Why does everything have to be so shiesty? Going to the market is one of my favorite times and instead I gotta worry if I'm gonna inadvertently food poison my partner because some kid doesn't care that he's putting out old meat?
I roasted those cheap thighs with lots of lemon and thyme. I also cut up the cabbage in large chunks, quick blanched it, drained and then roasted it alongside the chicken. Yowza! Great idea monkey! The flavors really intensify. And clean up's a breeze!
I love Brooklyn but just like this big old Barclay's Center, you're never safe from some loud-ass-hole plopping down their bullshit right smack next to you or on you, around you, somehow pooping on your world. Bullies, human bulldozers, just every variety of jerk. There are too many factors out here. No man is an island but it also sucks if there are sharks swimming all around, all the time.
Is everywhere like this? What's your grocery store experience like? Every place has its ups and downs I'm sure but lately this town is feeling a lot like shopping at PathMark.
Man, I just wanna roast some chicken and enjoy it in a cute apartment around a bunch of old buildings and cool people of all shapes, sizes and colors around..and my sister R...and P's brother M....... and this chair.... and that's all I need.

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