Monday, December 27, 2010

Heavy Metal Thunder (Snow)

Snow Day! Thunder Snow! What an amazing storm we had. One of the worst on record, of course. Again with the nutty weather. Yeah, snow is common in winter. But this was a blizzard. The high winds surpassing 36mph, and the drifting and amount of snow make it so. Thirty one inches in Elizabeth New Jersey which is in a state of emergency. With each freaky storm this year there is that added little something, which this time was thunder and lightning and the category 2 hurricane like winds. And when that thunder and lightning hit it was too freaky. Temperatures were in the 20s and then you have flashes that light up the apartment and grumbling thunder. That's not something I ever remember happening. Lee Goldberg also mentioned it, called it Thunder Snow, as did Janet Huff, as if it was something common. This just feeds into my conspiracy weather theory.

My retail mothership closed today at 1pm, even surprised they opened at all since every news station was urging folks to stay home and no buses were running. Subways were breaking down all day and the only folks that showed up lived in the neighborhood. And the Red Hook neighborhood is probably the last one on the list to be plowed. Just another way to not pay us I'm sure, the bastuhds.

But the best news is that I am stuck at home with a whole fridge full of leftovers both sweet and savory!!! I can hardly sit for 10minutes without making myself a little nibbling plate. Its like Christmas!!!

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