Sunday, December 19, 2010

Breakdown it's Alright

It feels like almost everything I own or rent is breaking. My computer is dying, that's a big one because it changes your life. My reading glasses broke, I actually stepped on them outside. My bike is feeling like any minute the frame might break in two. Maybe its just rickety from sitting outside in the rain and snow. Every other year I was able to bring it indoors overnight. And I need new breaks. The temple fell off my sunglasses and now they're no good to me. The closet door fell off its hinge again. Maybe its not everything, maybe its just a few dozen things. However, I don't own much more than that. My belt is also breaking. The leather is torn and will eventually rip right in half. My watch band broke then two days later the clock stopped working. These things weigh on a person. I feel like its overwhelming for my small brain to handle all these setbacks.

They get you to thinking about the game of life and if they really started tallying up the scores, I'd be on the losing end. I don't want to be a loser.

I bought a whole gallon of milk from PathMark that was expired a week before I purchased it but I didn't notice. Grocery fail. Poor P came home from a late night session and drank a huge glass of the chunky fermented lactose. Poor thing. Then we watched a few episodes of Man Vs. Food on Netflix, which is so good but probably not the thing to watch when you have rot gut. Good thing P's blood alcohol level is usually set high enough to kill off any foreign bacteria.

Saturday brunch is for celebrating life though and concentrating on what we have, not what we have not. I had noticed I'd seen a few people making brussel sprouts a new way on the tee vee, so I thought I'd give 'em a whirl. They peeled the outer leaves off and either roasted or sauteed them. Usually the thickness of a whole sprout is almost too much and then there is the slightly bitter core. So this is nice to actually taste the tender leaves, you still get all the flavor. I put them in an omelet with onions and mushrooms, a little cheese. I served that along some turkey bacon that my dad turned me on to in Tucson. It also is too expensive unless you catch a sale and that's what I did. It cooks up quick, very little fat but does smell like good bacon and has a nice crisp. Definitely worth eating instead of pork bacon for health reasons. I didn't miss the fat.

Sometimes maybe you have to breakdown in order to make room for a change. So its probably all a good thing. Or is that just what poor losers like me tell themselves when everything's gone to shit.

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