Monday, December 13, 2010

C'mon Baby, Eat the Rich!

Sometimes the yuppies get shit right. Actually on the food tip, folks with lots of disposable income usually discover interesting great tasting foods and then eventually they become available for commoners like myself to enjoy at half the cost. So for that I should be grateful. But you know sometimes I'm a negative little twit and tend to be resentful of those much more fortunate than me. At least I can admit it. Sometimes I feel that similar to fashion and other things, people tend to follow trends, annoying trends. With food you can turn around and everyone will be eating one thing to where its just stupid. For example edamame. Everywhere I went last year I saw tables strewn with bowls of these things. C'mon! Can't anyone have an original bone.

If it weren't for these mindless masses, we wouldn't know and readily have available lots of good treats. Its the trends I resent and people for being so damn moldable. For awhile it seemed like everyone had to offer Red Velvet Cake. Trend. Restaurants a couple of summers ago had to have Chipotle mayo or some sort of Chipotle flavored something. Trend. Everyone had to have granite countertops until the day they had to have quartz. Trend. Everyone wants a white on white kitchen right now where I work. White countertop, white cabinets, white walls, white appliances. Trend. It goes on and on.

The pomegranate trend has slowed way down so now you can find them everywhere, even the fruit carts. So now it is safe and affordable for the food monkey to experiment with them. I have to say, they're pretty amazing. Crunchy and juicy, sweet yet tangy. They are everything I'd heard about. I tossed them with spinach, tomato, red onion and avocado for a nice salad and just dressed with their own juice, lemon and EVOO. I'm wanting to lay in a bath of these seeds or have them poured down on me like the scene in Tommy where Ann Margaret gets freaky with those beans.

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