Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Devil Went Down to Fulton

I quietly made a nice big pot of split pea soup the other night. It was delicious and I didn't even need to make the cheese croutons that was the real motivation for making the soup. These classics are always satisfying and perfect. One thick slice of ham was enough to fill every bite with a good chunk of ham. I quick fried it first to get a little crisp on the outside edges and bleed a little of the salt water out of it too.

I was feeling pretty high strung the night before and by the time I got off work I was panting and having to stop to catch my breath. I got inside just before turning practically full on werewolf. Poor P caught the wrath of my wackiness.

Turned out to be not only a major full moon (see Bad Moon Rising)but a lunar eclipse and Winter Solstice. That triple threat turned me into a demon and I am grateful to have come out of it without committing any major crimes.

I took a double dose of extree strong chamomile tea with a little Valerian root powder that night just to get my claws to retract.

Soup broth made with nutrient rich vegetables is the perfect medicine for those times when the devil gets loose in my body and mind and starts running the show.

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