Sunday, November 5, 2023

I See Myself in You

Shrimp and Sausage with Peppers over Tortellini
Not a concise meal but a mixture of delicious members each contributing to make a flavor-packed plate of bites that provide the umami level of pizza but the heartiness of a home cooked dish. 
I might similarly describe my recent obsession, a band named Geese.  Of course I'm two years behind, I'm old!  They are from Brooklyn and magically provide whatever was lacking in my life.  Their music is new, yet familiar.  They are raw, not soft and squishy like so much I hear now.  They can be grotesque and crude at times but then precise and spacey in others.  They present this evolved sound that was possibly born out of a lifetime consumption of selective serotonin uptake inhibitors in the water supply.  It plays right in time with our racing ADHD brains.  They work very well as a band even though to watch them play, they could each be on their own planet and that would sound right too.  They are hard to describe but whatever they are doing, it's working.  So well that I've not been able to stop listening since I found them.  
Geese, An American Rock Band
I have often wondered what type of modern music for lack of a better term might come out of today's youth that could appeal to my slightly older pallet.  I could live another lifetime and not discover all the bounty of artists that already exist so it's not essential that a new band come along but it's always stunning when they do.  From the moment Cameron Winter delivers his guttural vocal acrobats, to the mystifyingly bewitching riffs coming out of Gus Green's guitar, all balanced by the rock solid bass of Dominic Degesu, you are transported to the home of your restless youth, complete with all the uneasy, unruly feels.  Max Bassin plays drums like I dream of living. His strength and restraint leaves me awestruck.  He goes to battle every song.  I could watch him all day long.  
Geese give me goosebumps!

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