Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Try Not to Confuse it With What You Do to Survive

Quick-style semi home-made pizzas

A low band-width dinner.  No mozzarella, no energy.  Semi-home-made pizzas with cheddar cheese, Italian sausage, turkey pepperoni, green olives and canned pizza dough, spread into two crusts.  I spiced up a can of tomato sauce (in the can) by adding oregano, garlic and onion powder and red pepper flakes.  Stir it up, it's good to good, no need to heat it through, just pour it on the par-baked dough and spread thinly. 

I've watched some TikTok quickie meals lately that featured loads of processed crap thrown into a crock-pot as a quick dinner solution.  I'm all for time-saving measures, but I think we can do slightly better by grating our own cheeses, allowing limited processed salty additions and ensuring most ingredients in these weird concoctions stay real.  

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