Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Come As You Are

Freddy's Food Truck tacos along with my homemade mexican rice.  I met my local vendor halfway by providing the side to a great lunch.  

Mike's Coffee Shop Counter Breakfast
For breakfast, we graduated to counter eating at the local diner.  This is an honor you feel comfortable accepting once you've patronized the establishment a number of times and have made nice with the waiters.  There we witnessed a very New York racist-esque banter between a fellow counter eater and the busboy in the humorous way that can only be funny when you witness it first hand.  New York must remember that which made it so very special was the ability for each individual of any race to speak to another in a brutally frank way with humor and slightly muffled love, in order to release a bit of the steam building in the melting pot, enough to relax and live with each other.  Trusting, a bit of rubbing will not break the other. This is of course most common in the blue collar working communities where we are put together in trains, work environments, and eateries.

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