Wednesday, November 1, 2023

I Been to Sugar Town, I Shook the Sugar Down

Dark Chocolate Chip and Walnut Brownies
It's hard to know where these things are born but I awoke one morning with the idea and vigor to bake up some sweet treats for no other reason than to follow my whim.  As if rich, chewy chocolate brownies could replace the lack of sun needed to keep a bright outlook.  It doesn't, but it sure helps.  
Banana Nut Bread
And since I had extra chocolate chips, flour, eggs and nuts, why not use up these overripe bananas for a soft comforting bread.  I could take some to work and share with the guys and gals.  It was satisfying to create and bake and felt good to give as we approached the giving season, even though I know a few of those fecks don't deserve one single nut the way they act and treat me and others many days.  Sugar helps swallow down all the bad medicine we must take on a daily basis.  

Egg and chorizo breakfast taco 

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