Thursday, January 21, 2021

You're Messin' Up My Mind and Fillin' Up My Senses

As I'm coming out the ass end of this pinche pendejo COVID virus for the 2nd time (!!), I want to learn to speak Spanish just so I can sufficiently curse it out like a scorned witch from an old Mexican village.   

During my isolation, I eat out of necessity although I am thrilled to be served hot food on trays each day.  As someone in a long term relationship, I really have to give it up to my partner for completely coming through for me.  He's never been one to dote, so making breakfast, lunch, snacks each day is a true feat not to mention fetching meds, endless hot and cold drinks, washing dishes and sleeping on a tiny loveseat.  Everything I put him through with the two ER scares was above and beyond for anyone, let alone, you know, a man.  He's a guy-guy, not one of these new millennial empaths.  That's a nice way of saying he's not naturally considerate, its work for him.  He's a loner that never grasped the concept of union completely.  Usually he needs very clear instructions if I want help and nothing can be left for interpretation.  He'll do anything I ask, I just couldn't imagine he'd be up for making every meal for 2 weeks straight. People are dying alone though, so I can't help but be flooded with deep gratitude.  I know his limitations so I'm sure he was about ready to stop being nice to me like 9 days ago.  Afterall, this is real life and we all just want to be left alone, no one more so than my husband,  so I recognize the scope of his generosity.  These are some of the meals he left at my door like a tired, angry prison guard.
Rigatoni and bok choi

Chili Relleno and Chips
Spaghetti and meat sauce with sauteed mushrooms and garlic
Red Velvet Cake with tea and shot of whiskey
pot pie and steamed broccoli with banana
Bunless cheeseburger with vegetable soup
chicken noodle soup with grilled cheese and sundried tomatoes
Pizza slices
Chicken wrap with vegetable soup
Pot pie with 1/2 a sandwich
Corn Chowder with 1/2 sandwich
Ravioli and lettuce wraps
A proper sandwich and chips
Scrambled ham and eggs with spinach tortilla
pizza slices

I'm not far enough away yet from this virus but I do have to say, it is intriguing.  If you haven't had the pleasure, it's not what you might think.  Yes, it is closest to the flu and the lists you see on MSN are all true. Of course it's different for everyone, but there are so many more not so small oddities that come and go like little gremlins.  Some so severe, they wreak psychological havoc on your already tired mental state. Dry, cracked lips, stabbing leg pain, blurry site, achy eyes, sudden rash.  Here's one for you acid droppers from the 70s.  Remember when your eerily warm skin felt super alive, as if time stopped existing and you could feel all the microbial cities making your body work with some inner eye??  You know the one, where you find yourself in the bathroom examining this incredible foreign creature two inches from the mirror. Well, That feeling!  Ringing in the ears, extreme charley horses in the extremities, sudden hoarseness. I mean the list goes on, nausea, scary chest pain, teeth chattering chills, sweats, back punching pain and zombie like tremors.  I write this list to share but also to remember.  You never feel 100% but weeks from now I'll need to remind myself of waking up on the floor from passing out, sweating and running to get Patrick but realizing I couldn't move half my body, my arms and hands locked up in a crippled position.  I'm super lucky and although I'm still sequestered, it seems for whatever reason I have been spared again.  But the virus got me close enough to that frightful edge again that I stay on high alert. 


  1. Damn Andy that's too close for comfort. I'm really beginning to wonder if I contracted it, and the fact that I'm a pretty consistent vegan for decades evolution not design, that all the things I eat and do health wise minimized it as I hoped it would if by chance it happened. I say all this because you described so many little things that would occur from time to time. One day this...a couple days later that. Often I just attribute it to being 65 but you having me thinking a little bit.

    1. Have you ever tested for antibodies?
      btw no virtue signaling on my page! haa haa (vegan for decades)😜

  2. I have submitted Patrick to the Vatican for sainthood, not the St. Francis of Assisi stuff, but for going against the grain of his machismo to treat you like he should when you're down it out. I based the application on your testimony so if its rejected I'll resubmit and jazz it up a bit...he made lunch and did laundry for the elderly couple across the hall kind of stuff.


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