Sunday, January 31, 2021

World Serves It's Own Needs, Listen to Your Heart Bleed

Some of yesterday's baked burgers were chopped up and used for my Stuffed Green Peppers, along with fresh tomatoes, Monterey Jack, Cheddar Cheese, and bread crumbs, baked and served over a bed of rice. 
In a stir fry or most other dishes, I love my green peppers crisp and vibrant, but for baked stuffed peppers I love the roasted flavor and softer texture.  So I salt, pepper and olive oiled the halves and par-baked them for a few minutes before putting in the filling.  
If I've learned anything in the Pandemic, it's that the best thing you can do right now as a cook is use all of your leftovers and never waste good food if you can help it.  And you can usually help it, it just takes effort. The challenge is to do it in the most creative ways.  And the bigger challenge is to care about making dinner when it feels like the world is ending.  


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