Saturday, January 23, 2021

Buenos Noches from a Lonely Room

One interesting thing about being diagnosed with COVID, seeing as how big it is and how many people are affected, you're given very little information or instruction.  Nothing more than go to the hospital if you're fever rises above this number or if you have trouble breathing.  Officially, maybe that's all they can say as there is not a cure but surely, there must be more.  You're on your own with this one, in more ways than one.  If you do have to take that hospital trip, you won't be joined by your loved ones.  In many way it's frightening so I approach it like I would a bear in the woods.  I'm not running, just slowly backing away and praying it doesn't stand on it's hind legs or charge me.

I'm almost two weeks following the diagnoses but unlike some folks, the virus hasn't left.  It wanders around my camp, breaking branches, making me aware of its presence.  I'm feeling better each day, but it lingers and tries new ways to attack. It came back with new strength after a short phone call just 3 days ago.  Sweats and fatigue had followed any sort of exercise, like getting out of bed and walking to the window.  Now that's been replaced with needle-like chest pains and sudden nausea, losing feelings in my hands.  Weird stuff.  It's not so bad that I need to do anything but go back and lay down but after 14 days, I will admit, it scares me.  An internist told me some folks just have a much longer recovery which was encouraging because time is what I have to give.  So I'll keep a good thought.

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