Friday, December 18, 2020

Your Love is Like a Roller Coaster Baby

The weeks leading up to the holidays this year were as disjointed as this collage of pictures and food offerings from the staff cafeteria.  A slew of crazy hours, unsure if I was coming or going and it felt like the world felt the same way.  I would say dream-like, only the kind of you get when you've gone to bed just after eating Chinese food or drinking heavy.  Nothing quite makes sense and the whole time you're saying to yourself, this is weird.  Weather was gorgeous then cold as hell.  Nothing bad happened to me, just some close calls with family and of course the current overall apocalyptic feel of our world hovering over like a bad stink.  Which really makes me realize how much I'm influenced by what I read versus what I actually experience.  
Sis Rach's sunset in Colorado
When you commission an unknown artist for the church Nativity Scene
Spaghetti and Meatballs with steamed broccoli
The Red Hook Housing Projects.  
Walking through the Red Hook Housing Projects to get to work on a too snowy for riding day, I tried to imagine the thoughts of residents on Christmas morning with this as your main scene.  Surely not the worst, I mean I work with many fine folks that live here. I would say they have more troubles than most but seem more okay than not, I just think for a child it might be pretty grim.  
Sauerkraut dog and Chips
Men at work on new construction next door-see them working in the cold?
Can't wait!
A bunch of PIgs in Zen
The subway platform at Smith and 9th in Brooklyn, escalators down for the 8 flight walk up. 
A Faceless masked stranger on the subway
Safe on home turf

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