Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Make You Understand Where It Was You Went Wrong

Yesterday I read my main man Tom Cruise has upset the herd by yelling at his crews in London on the set of Mission Impossible 7.  There's audio. It's unclear when this happened but since, five members have quit.  The world had a day to listen and build a verdict.  Or I should say, not sure what the real people think but what's being reported is that they feel we should demand a public apology.  Cruise is intense.  Sometimes I would imagine lines are blurred between character and man.  Maybe he has a ton of money riding on these films.  All this I do not know but only could fathom.  Who knows, maybe he's finally flipped his wig and screwed up big.  It's none of my business, even though I'd be curious and I root for him.

What are your feelings on this demanding of public apology?  To me it's a shameful false necessity created by judgemental misguided internet trolls that believe they hold the market share on morality.  But then again, I'm trying not to judge.  What a farce.  Tom Cruise yelled at his crew for good reason about breaking COVID protocol, in, of course, over the top Tom Cruise character fashion.  This is all in my opinion.  What we really know about it, is very little and there are probably hundreds of details missing.  Was his tone inappropriate in a work environment?  Probably.  Does anyone have the right to scream you motherF#*ckers at employees?  Not really.  Should we care about a situation like this that has NOTHING to do with us, where we are not affected in the least?  I still believe, no, no we shouldn't.  Do we really need another reason to feel outraged right now?  It almost feels like we look for ways to be offended but why? What purpose does it really serve?  It certainly hasn't made anything better.  Can you have an opinion?  Of course!  Talk it over with your friends and family, those closest to you.  Write a short on a blog or better yet, write a whole dang book and publish it.  But demanding public atonement from a celebrity who is for all intents and purposes, not real to us and who by the way I feel, could stay that way for a better experience...no, I can't get behind that.  Tom Cruise the real person is just that, some real guy with all kinds of flaws.  Let's keep actors as blank slates in order to believe their characters.   Frankly, it's disheartening right now that people seem to be needy at a time when we have such bigger issues.  Needy, yet judgemental and damning as heck.  It's getting to be a bit of a drag.  

Then again, all I have to do is ignore the articles and I'm out of it.  I have a hard time ignoring Cruise news though.  He's the kind of nuts I can get behind because no one runs like Cruise, no one is hilariously intense in romantic scenes like Cruise and he makes amazing action movies.  For me, he's one of our Hollywood greats right now.   When you want big, you go Cruise.

I came home from work and needed real food, something that comes out of the ground and hasn't been processed to high heaven.  I wanted the oven on and to cut something.  It was great to hear the crack from splitting the Bok Choy.  Real things.  That's what we need more of right now.  The crew of Mission Impossible 7 in another country will be just fine without us all to make the universe right for them, I'm almost sure of it. 
Crispy skinned chicken thighs with Bok Choy over Polenta

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