Thursday, January 16, 2020

Separate the Wheat From the Chaff

The Documentary

We finally watched the David Crosby documentary Remember My Name.  It was interesting in many ways especially to see behaviors from the 70s shone in the woke light of our current era.  It's also roughly the first anniversary of much of the cancel generations biggest take down year.  Or maybe it was just round one as I just read that Chris Matthews is the latest victim of our new zero tolerance society.  The warriors victor for violations as horrible as making someone uncomfortable.

In HR there is a protocol.  You give a talk, a face to face they call it where they explain the problem they're having with you.  Basically you're told to cool it.  The second time you do the same issue, they give you a written warning, and that one means the next time and they're better not be one, you will be terminated.  In other words you get chances to change your behavior in the case that you were living so far out of the reality of others that possibly, you didn't understand the gravity of your actions.

David Crosby's musical talent early on was undeniable and it stands the test of time.  In the same breathe David, the person also admittedly used much of the power gained from that good talent in selfish, ugly ways.  Drugs and alcohol brought out his angry side, allowed him to become an evil being.  With women he admits getting several gorgeous young women addicted to heroin.  Ultimately, you can never blame someone for your own addiction but you can certainly choose better judgement against handing a fully loaded gun to a young impressionable, trusting girl when you're a powerful, influential musician.

Is redemption ever off the table?  Why do we allow some people off the hook with only slightly reflective behavior but others we condemn for life?  I watched this movie to learn about David's musical life but went away seeing more of a complete picture.  I formed an opinion that he's an egotistical, narcissist that even in facing death seems unwilling to accept forgiveness but still I honor all the good that came from the music he created.  It's hard not to notice he's still proud of all his imperfections and seems hellbent on not changing any of that, since it seems to attract the attention he seeks.  It's sad considering his health is failing.
The documentary is entertaining, you get a sense of how it all went down but mostly my takeaway reads:  I never want to listen to David Crosby talk ever again.  Thank goodness I have his music instead, his best offering.
After I finally understood that there are no rules in salads and soups, I love to experiment with combinations that mock my inner happiness.   I've read a lot about how we are connected to every single thing in this world and beyond.  And if all this is true, first of all, there is no way to begin to comprehend the idea.  If you don't even try, you can taste it in a salad, like in this roasted chickpea, diced crisped-up ham, tomatoes, green olives over butter lettuce number I tossed up to go alongside my burger patty. 

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