Wednesday, June 5, 2019

You Took You're Lucky Break and Broke it In Two

The great thing about cooking at home is that you have zero rules.  This was an answer back meal to the shoddy taco day presentation at work that same day.  A quick Chile Relleno with roasted Poblano peppers and Harissa Fontina cheese.  This was another Chopped: Home Edition so I only had 30 minutes.
I charred the peppers stove top, stuffed them with cheese and stuck then in the oven just to melt, heated and spiced the pork and put it atop a quick Corn meal masa spiced with Chipotle.  In the traditional version you would have a simple tomato sauce and a light egg batter but there was no time for all of that.  Plus the peppers were so fresh and their flavor is bold enough to be the highlight.
I love taco day at work but sometimes they make several violations.  The buffet consisted of cut up chicken nuggets, white rice, cardboard shells, a sweetened ground beef and that liquid cheese sauce.  All sins against food but of course by 2pm you're so hungry that you make it work.

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