Saturday, February 9, 2019

To Show You What You Need to Live

57th Birthday
 February birthdays are good and bad. Good because you really need something to celebrate during the harsh days of winter.  Bad because the weather can be so brutal and the thought of going out is not attractive. In fact the general disposition of most people in February is grouchy.
So Alamo Drafthouse was my choice again for probably the 3rd year in a row.  Morning movie with breakfast tacos and coffee.  A short brisk walk downtown to Citypoint nice and early for an 8:30 movie, the best kind.  When your mind is sharp and aware. They were showing an animation festival and we were to get ideas for the movie we're trying to make together but are lacking motivation. 
I cleaned up in vinyl this year!  Each and every one of these is a gem.
But one of my favorite things to do is to lay in bed and read or watch stupid videos and get burgers delivered to me while in pajamas!  
 Burgers fries and a orange vanilla shake just like a dreamsicle!!!

Let it be noted that the more time passes, the less you worry about the future and the more you appreciate what is happening in the present. 

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