Tuesday, February 26, 2019

She's Fast, She's Lean, She's Frightening

Sometimes you remember people by a way they cooked their food or a technique that they taught you.  I had a roommate that was remembered for a hundred different things.  One minute she was strung out on the couch with her boyfriend, the next she was whipping up some elaborate dinner.  She was frightening, sometimes funny, often super harsh and mean or quiet and mindful.  But within all of that, she would kindly teach things she learned that were helpful to get on in life. She taught me how to garden, to marinate meat, tips in baking.  She showed me how mayonnaise over rice and broccoli is amazing.  Some condiments are so versatile but we never used much in my house.  Mayo is one of them.  Actually, looking at this if I would have mixed in a big squeeze of lemon juice and whisked a bit I would have a nice drizzle.  But basically its the same great taste you get with artichoke and Mayo.  The broccoli and rice just love a dab of that creamy tartness.  And in this case, so did the pulled pork. 

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