Thursday, September 8, 2016

Maybe I'm Amazed at the Way You Pulled Me Out of Time

Dinner in the city with Brother Benjamin.  Italian even, my old favorite.  I walked over from the Brooklyn Bridge in order to take in all the sites sounds and stimulus.  Plus thought it better to get in some exercise as I would be eating my weight in pasta if everything went as planned.
I'm always giving Manhattan hell but in reality once I'm there I usually dig it immensely.  There is so much free art and all the new architecture is worth viewing up close.

Things I would buy for myself if I wasn't so eccentric where I don't like to buy stuff ...and much wealthier.
A giant candy store
People in motion everywhere, scurrying off to their 'somewhere'.
The visitors tend to walk slower or let someone else do the peddling for them.
This place was called Da Andrea Italian Ristorante.  The carpaccio was good but the muscles were memorable, lots of crusty bread to sop up that garlic brother.
We split desserts.  A lemon sorbet and I believe this was a chocolate walnut cake with salty caramel ice cream.
Ravioli di vitello  
 Veal & spinach ravioli, cream, mushrooms, ham
Cavatelli di ricotta 
 Ricotta cavatelli, shrimp, salmon, pesto sauce
 Pappardelle, sweet sausage ragout, truffle oil
I thoroughly enjoyed mine.  We still have yet to pick the place that knocks our socks off and I know they are out there.  It was really great though, no regrets.  The pasta was handmade and fresh.  
But there is nothing like New York City in the summer for me as far as feeling like you are truly transported somewhere else.  It pulls you out of yourself and sets you plop in area after area full of life and energy.  It's infectious and I hope it doesn't go away with all the money and privilege because you need to keep hungry in this town.  You need folks working to be here, driving their talents and works.  You have to have that person clicking at your heels, pulling you out of your comfort zone. Some would say it's dog eat dog and it can be but some aspects are healthy for a society and I believe very moving for many artists.

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