Monday, September 5, 2016

Any Day Now, Any Day Now, I Shall Be Released

On this day, the only thing I had to get right was these baked wedged garlicky potato fries.
And I did.
They had free cupcakes at work for selling so much particle board furniture.  And for some reason that made me sad, after I had one of course.  Life is weird.  I could never have imagined spending so many years working inside this huge, practically windowless store selling kitchen cabinets of all things.  I know this experience has changed me.  My fear is that I now have some rotting, unfix-able parts.  Retail does something to a person.  I fell victim to a bit of moral decay and a slight indifference to just about everything.  What I love about it is that it forces an introvert like me into the world.  I talk to a lot of different people every day but not just for a second.  This is concentrated time.  In fact its a conveyor belt of customers for hours until it's finally over.   I do meet so many amazingly cool people.  Lots of folks that I never really noticed that live in the world. Middle to older aged men, contractors, husbands, fathers. A lot of guy guys, who are normally out of my comfort zone.  Without all the bells and whistles of youth and good looks, it's almost more impressive and magnetic when you connect with them.  And women. Single ladies and couples who aren't particularly anything come in, one after another.  Not young, not pretty, not fun, just a person or people that need to get something done and there I am, the receiver on the other end.  I'm like the glory hole of customer service.  I have to take anyone who comes in and in Brooklyn that can mean so many things. Too many things.  Lots of language barriers.  Many cultural differences.  Some, I assume are good people. Some people are straight up assholes though.  They tend to come in droves. But a transaction goes down none the less. I'm bothered every time I have a bad encounter and rarely harp on the good.  I question all of my life choices that brought me to stand on this concrete floor at that moment.  Do I deserve better?  What does anyone deserve really?  Am I to blame?  Most likely.  Do I give two fucks about anything enough to change it?  God, I hope it so.

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