Sunday, September 4, 2016

Now We're Sharing the Same Dream

Deconstructed Stuffed Peppers
I feel that this is officially the last time I can in good conscious use the word deconstructed.  It was a thing but now it must end.  But that aside, this was a great idea.  I used chicken meatballs with jalapenos and then orange and yellow bell peppers chunked, onions, tomatoes, red rice and it really did taste just like a baked stuffed pepper.
I love when you can create the taste of something and then all of those good food memories flood into your brain.
In the break room today at work they created a Caribbean feel including blue table clothes for water, straw hats shells, backdrops to take pics and Jerk Chicken for lunch.
I've never been to a tropical island...hmmm.  Some things you just can't recreate.  But I really admire that there is a group of I assume women in the store that give two shits enough about the experience here that they keep these cheerleader-like incentives going.

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