Wednesday, May 4, 2016

And She's Always Gone Too Long, Anytime She Goes Away

I am writing this in mid August but I remember this day pretty well.  At least the waiting for the subway part.  It was May 4th and it was gloomy for like the umpteenth day in a row.  I needed it to start being sunny.  Too many consecutive grey days can really work on your core.  I was grouchy and I needed a G train home.  But in fact so many F trains had to pass before a frickin' G would ever come.  So symbolic of the what seems like endless passing dismal days of this never ending winter.
I loved this dinner because it felt like healthier cowboy food.  Pinto beans spiced with cumin and jalapeƱo, black rice simmered in chicken stock and garlic and a nice green apple pico de gallo.  The best thing I've found this last year is affordable nitrate free sausage. A nice spicy chorizo atop two heaping mounds of rice and beans made for a gorgeous plate.  Hearty and warm but with that promise of spring on top.
The end of winter seems to be coming later and later.  One needs to really store reserves of light thought, anticipation and hope.

Winter reminds you that life is brutal and harsh.  Little homeless kitties die out in the cold.  These kinds of unthinkable horrible realities bombard my mind in the frigid months. Spring will soon bring the other side to this currently cold gloomy view.

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