Tuesday, May 17, 2016

It's Not Dark Yet But It's Getting There

I've written about how they play the same music loops at the retail establishment where I work and how it slowly disintegrates portions of my happiness surplus.  Because there is something plastic about processed pop music that seeps into your body and pollutes the organic vibes.  I believe it's very unhealthy to keep pumping in horrible music into your brain.  I've tried to train myself to tune it out, silence it's grip.
But I read a meme today about how we're a society of always reporting on the bad happenings of the day.  We tend to complain and gripe about all that is wrong instead of focusing on what went well, what made us happy.  What didn't kill our soul that day.  Yeah, it's a simple concept and annoying too but in a way, it's a great idea.  And it applies to everything.  I walk into my shift and damned if there isn't three hens coming to bitch about something in the first five minutes.  You ask your mate, how was your day and it's gonna most likely always be filled with a bunch of negative bullshit.  I am no different.  I am almost excited to report my worst reel highlights. And the news!  I was just talking about how all the negative reporting, although sometimes true and well written, is too much to bare, especially after these now common horrific tragedies.  So yes, the music at work is still churning me a giant hairball of stress in my stomach but there have been some random reels thrown in that feature a couple of good songs.  And the great thing is that when these tunes come on, it's like their goodness is amplified comparatively.  California Stars is one but there are quirky others like Fastball's The Way, which hearkens back memories of working that record and having dinner with the band.  But the best recall of that night is my Polygram sales rep.  It was discussed prior to dinner if I'd ever seen her eat.  That night I witnessed the marvel firsthand.  Impressive beyond belief, the circumference of her mouth while in full bite.  You almost couldn't take it all in.  She must have eaten that cheeseburger in 3 bites tops.  And it was fast!  Even though the singer was opposite of me, all I could do was try to keep my face looking normal and stop my eyes from averting to this scarfing miracle.
And dinner was great this night too.  I made a nice bed of corn meal masa, let it set in the fridge then got it a little toasty with olive oil in the oven before spreading on a light chipotle sauce.  On top went broccoli, chorizo, tomatoes, corn, peppers, red onions and cheddar cheese.  Mexican Masa Pizza.  A good thing that happened.  Signed, Trying in Brooklyn.


  1. The title of this entry grabbed me and the Polygram sales rep sealed the Burger,.... umm,... deal

    1. I love you right now Spike, haa haa. Thanks for that. Do you remember the rep's name? I think she was from Jersey. Super cool, funny lady.


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