Wednesday, November 19, 2014

One of These Crazy Ole' Nights

This was the second of 3 ideas I found for use of chicken breast on  It's loosely based on the great Thai soup Tom Kha Gai.  I know!  Easy and ready in under an hour.  As with every recipe, I didn't fuss much with exact ingredients.  I had red bell pepper instead of jalapenos and no snap peas but it was great anyway.  And c'mon isn't it so great to eat well on a normal night that has no business being special?  I already had everything to make this except the fresh basil that set me back $1.69 at the corner market.
Like a squirrel I store nuts.  I wait for some of these specialty items to go on sale and will buy them randomly.  The pantry stuff, like coconut milk and fish sauce. I notice when the grocery stores need to reduce their overstock of these less popular items, the discounts are deep.  And to grab one during a regular run doesn't hurt the budget.  So when the urge hits and you get a wild hair, it's all there and free and ready.  And it's even better because you know you were smart about it.

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