Monday, November 17, 2014

Caesar Roasted Romaine w/Chicken Breast

This was a good dinner.  Somehow today the clouds parted and I felt clarity and openness to new ideas. New ideas regarding chicken breasts that is. It was very specific.  I had been staring at my family pack of chicken breasts.  Nothingness.  More silence.  And then a few minutes of web browsing. Bon gave me three brilliant ideas for dinner in a hurry. (  I substituted the Panko bread crumbs for flax seed meal on the chicken.  But Roasted romaine wedges with garlic, anchovies and lemon!  I think I squealed with delight!  So good!  A must.  A must.  You're gonna be surprised at how great this is.
And I had just been thinking of how much I love anchovies.  And who doesn't love Caesar Salads?  But with the fatty dressing and the big ass croutons, this is such a great alternative.

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