Sunday, November 3, 2013

You're Gonna Carry that Weight

I'm really starting to love Fall.  It was never my favorite season.  My favorite was spring.  My sister R's favorite was fall.  We often doled out specific picks for different stuff like this, band members, boys to like in TV shows, era's preferred to live in, states to live in, etc. Fall used to remind me too much of the start of school, the weather getting colder, the loneliness that seemed to overcome me when the sun started going away. 
Spring was new beginnings and blooms and green coming back and more importantly the sun coming back!  It was fresh smelling air, harsh winds turning into light breezes.  The whole mental unthaw.

Foodwise, seems like spring is the appetizer getting you prepared for the main course whereas fall was more of a side dish to me.  That is, until these last few years.  Fall has really upped it's game. With the climate change, the temps have been delightful and the sun stays out when we used to get cold rain.
We had a chance day off together and took a walk up through the neighborhood and the New York City Marathon happened to be taking place and just like many magic moments here, went directly past our area. 
What an amazing run that must be, going through the boroughs and having all the people cheering you on along the route.  Not just people, but normally grouchy New Yorkers.  Strangers.  Strange New Yorkers. Wouldn't that change it up to have neighbors giving heads up during your morning commute to work?  I could get used to that!
Even though as I write this, it's 70 degrees in mid November but on this day it was cold for the runners.  But so many people were out to show support.  When New York comes together in kind ways, it's overwhelming I guess because of how harsh and cold the overall energy usually is. 
I'm beginning to see that Fall, even though being a bit harsher than spring brings beauty too, like all these colorful changing leaves, and there is something awakening about the brisk air. 
You begin to celebrate with decorations, and holidays and food.  Baked goods come back and warm stews and big pots of soups.
I was a serious kid and took real ownership of my picks. I understood this to be a lifelong part of me that could not be altered. George Harrison was my Beatle and I loved him unconditionally, even though at the time I was tormented by Paul's cuteness and watching John perform launched some feelings deep inside me even as a child.  George just seemed nice. But I felt it essential that I discover my connection to the Beatle that was given to me.  I concluded he was quiet like me, he wasn't exactly a knock-out but had his cute moments.  He seemed passive and I could get down with that. I always thought quiet people were very intelligent but have since changed my opinion.
Maybe it wasn't until recently when sister R starting boasting her love for spring that I finally felt comfortable embracing my secret admiration for fall.   The gates of confinement had lifted!
I DO love Fall!  It's sweaters and warm blankets.  It's closing the windows and shutting out all the loud noises from the street and hearing the radiators kicking on.  Summer's so great but by this point you're saying 'enough already' and you just want the city to shut the hell up!
It's New York so there will always be a zillion things going on but finally you can pick and choose what you want to be a part of and have a bit of peace and quiet to yourself in the meantime.

Speaking of restraints, we're still on this dang diet.  Chicken strips dressed in a fat free enchilada sauce, cucumbers dressed in only garlic infused vinegar and steamed broccoli with almonds.

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