Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Asian Ground Chicken Patty

Asian ground chicken patty over baby spinach with steamed stir fry vegetable medley.  No big awards for this dinner but again, this is cooking right now with no fat so give me a little credit here folks!  I'm allergic to fish so what I have is chicken, chicken and more chicken to work with. 

I used oatmeal as the filler to replace the bread crumbs, an egg white, ginger, onion, carrots, soy and a bit of Schezuan seasoning.  Cutting up the burger and wrapping each bite in a little spinach leaf made it feel like a whole separate food style and then dipping each into a bit of the ground mustard, even better. 
Because it wasn't until afterwards that we discovered how to eat it, next time I'd cut up the burger in small bits, and also the pickle in order to eat fork and knife free.

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