Saturday, April 9, 2011

My World Is Empty Without You Babe

The sun finally showed its face today which was a little bittersweet. Sort of felt like when you're fighting with your partner and you really want them to come talk to you but when they do, you're still pissed off and have to give them the cold shoulder out of spite. Or they take way too long to apologize and when they do your sort of over it. That's how this sunny day felt. For one, its only one day, they've already said the next day will be cold and rainy...and windy. So yeah, I was real happy to see the sun and I'm desperate for it. Who can be happy in this gloom doom gray morbid netherworld? We were promised spring! I was happy but also kinda like F you, where the hell have you been?! It's fucking April brother. Sheeez.

So to celebrate the happy spring blossoms and sun, I made a rejuvenating couscous salad with zucchini, tomato and mint to go along with my leftover pork stew. It was a mix of winter and spring, just like the weather has been. Dis.

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