Saturday, April 9, 2011

His Get Up and Go, Musta Got Up and Went

When you're with someone a long time, you tend to put their faults into categories, like little piles of laundry. I don't concentrate on them or even give too much thought unless the pile is overflowing. Normally I just sort of acknowledge the failing and throw it in the mental bin. P does cool things to though. On the major important stuff, we gel pretty well. No big complaints.

One of the coolest things P ever did as far as everyday living sorta stuff was to say that he would begin washing dishes every other night. This was partly due to me strategically mentioning how in sharing stories with other women at work I'd noticed that husbands and mates seem to share chores more often than not. I like to cook so I make all the meals and serve them and get the groceries because I like to pick them. P never did the dishes or got the drinks or cleared the table. So when he said he was gonna do it every other time, well that was such a cool little gift.

One of the shittiest things P ever did was to make that promise, do the dishes three times and then never again!

Making breakfast in that tiny kitchen can create a big mess fast. I like to get it all on the table while the eggs are hot and when nothing is soggy. The whirlwind this morning was a Mexican take on Eggs Benedict. I had a piece of london broil that I sliced and marinated quickly. I toasted up wheat English Muffins, then poached eggs. Over that I heated some leftover tomatillo sauce I'd made the night before and topped that with the steak pieces, diced tomato and cojita cheese.

Yep, P loved it and said how much he appreciated it but he didn't get up and clear the plates or offer to do the dishes. I don't really care if he does or doesn't. I won't be pissed or even mention it any more. But its like that line out of Dazed and Confused when Matthew McConaughey asked in the car if the young kid had brought along some weed... it'd be a lot cooler if he did.

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