Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's a Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall

Easter Dinner, a special celebratory feast. I truly look forward to Easter, the coming of spring, the hope, the promise of new beginnings. But this year especially it feels important to acknowledge, celebrate, honor and be present.

The fear brewing in my core is continuing to eat at my content, if I have any. I've been nervous since I was born. I'm pretty sure I didn't want to come out, be born at all really. I was born breach, ass-backwards and that's how I've felt ever since.

I'll admit, the crazy weather happening across the south and everywhere really is truly scaring me. And what's that now? Al Queada is trying to blow up the Brooklyn Bridge? Great. Someone stole my bike last night within less than 24 hours right outside the box I call our home. Two weeks before it was P's bike. That shit gets to you.

I have two days off which is dangerous for people like me because sanity is simply a series of looped distractions. Everyday life forces you into some stability wheel but let that top stop spinning and the fear sets in. Turn on the t.v. and there is always a pair of tanned, white teethed people to fill in the details of your waking nightmares. 249 dead in the recent tornadoes.

Easter is more important to me this year than ever before. I made a fresh ham with crackling in pan gravy. Good as it sounds and for the first time in my life I got those cracklings puffed up just right. Creamed spring peas, made with snow, snap & regular peas. Roasted radishes in browned butter. Better than I could have imagined and what a great idea. Radishes are dirt cheap. When roasted, they taste between a turnip and potato, the lemon and butter, lots of cracked pepper and sea salt give them outstanding flavor. The only miss was the sweet potato wheat biscuits. They didn't suck but something went awry. Also I made the Neely's BBQ deviled eggs and those were tasty.

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