Friday, April 14, 2023

You Are the Sunlight in my Growing

Spring Chicken
Feta takes on an alternate flavor when baked.  Cherry tomatoes are all the rage when they pop their sweetness inside your mouth, and are made even sweeter by roasting. With the chicken, olive oil and garlic together, it was a nice spring meal, zesty and fresh, yet soul-warming.  Serve with side salad.

Is this a feature of Cherry Blossoms or a hybrid that they can flower both white and pink on the same tree? 

I like to get right up next to the flowering trees and surround myself with all their enchanting blooms. It's always incredible to see pink when for months you see only black and grey.  The flowers come before the green on the trees.  I liken it to the smell of newborn baby heads.

One day the Gowanus canal will be lined with high rises filled with upper crusties and no one will remember the black sludge and bodies, or the foul smell and the fact that if you happened to fall in, you may lose your life from the bacteria.  That's the Gowanus I love. 

Brunch at Verde on Smith.  Ultra cool grown man-waiters that still take pride in the position of serving food and crafting a special experience for the diner.  A lost art. 

Mr Mango market
Yellow bursts onto the scene as far as the eye can see

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