Monday, April 24, 2023

Go on Now Go, You're Not Welcome Anymore!

I have a fear of cooking large pieces of meat.  The London Broil had me perplexed for decades.  It's not a cut of meat, yet it's the way it's prepared but it is what they call it in the store.  That alone, kept me away for years.  It used to be highly affordable but has now gone the way of the flank steak in pricing.  
But today I conquered that fear.  The key is marinading overnight and you should pull the meat out of the fridge to get room temperature well before cooking.  Dab the meat so that it will brown (I forgot that part).  Broil 5 to 7 minutes each side and let rest.  Cut against the grain.  
It's surprisingly tender and juicy.  By the way. I just added a little butter to the cooking juices in the pan for a nice quick sauce.   Even though it's not cheap, it's still a good bargain as you can make many meals from it, like thin steak sandwiches, slice into strips for beef burritos, a steak salad with tomatoes and bleu cheese.  Lots of great uses.  

This year might be the one I tackle some of my other idiotic fears. I have so many.  Fear can stifle your ability to live your life.  Sometimes I don't even understand what exactly I fear, it just fills the air and I become frozen, unable to perform.  That's one good thing about getting older.  You hang out for a long time with your faults and they become very familiar.  You get to know them like separate entities, that are not you but can come inside like an unwelcome guest.  Depression, fear, dread, they are stealers of time and seem hell bent on keeping you down.  If they are not us, then we must be able to escort them out of the door onto some other unsuspecting fool.  

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