Sunday, April 9, 2023

Are You Sad Because You're On Your Own?

Easter  is a holiday that can be celebrated in one's heart.  No need for a mass gathering, this holiday can be personal.  It was always a big food deal in my home growing up and I do have some great memories that revolve around baked hams and pork roasts, potato salad and deviled eggs.  I slightly recall cheap grocery store Easter baskets with that green cellophane and bonnets I had to wear to church but it's the dinner that was memorable.  Only second to the greatest story ever told.
I spent the holiday alone this year and decided to make a Baked Spaghetti Supreme after work.  A throw-back food reminiscent of the Pizza Hut creation of the 1970s.  When I went to the restaurant and ordered this for the first time I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.  That was also the introduction to the salad bar and free pop refills. Spaghetti and pizza toppings and the unique taste of baked pasta in sauce was my idea of celebrational food from then on.  Done correctly, this is too delicious, sinfully so.  It's the best of both worlds.  I added sausage and mushrooms, olives, onions and used good Parmesan and Mozzarella. 

I'd love to be with family or with my partner but circumstances gave me this fun opportunity to spend it with a giant casserole of my favorite food alone and so I accepted and invited what is, and loved it. 
I wrote silly poems to the spring flowers while riding to and from work in the sun, took pictures and enjoyed observing others on holiday.  I thanked God and mother nature for the new buds and then went home and ate a moderate portion and then another giant plate for dinner.   

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