Wednesday, February 15, 2023

I'm Gonna Say it Again, Baby You're No Good

Brunch with Debulicous
Someone is celebrating their 1st year of sobriety and it's a definite occasion for brunch.  Waffles.  All she really wanted was waffles and for whatever reason, the closest we could find were pancakes and French Toast.  One would think with the plethora of breakfast joints in the surrounding neighborhoods, it would be easy to find a waffle but turns out, in order to partake in these crisped cakes, we would need to head to Prospect Heights.  Why we didn't is unclear as it's about a 10 minute walk.  I'm not sure her pancakes were as spectacular as the description advertised (something about Warm Black Bear Maple Syrup) but I can tell you my French Toast was everything and more!  In fact I'm going on record to say I've not had better.  They were delectable soft pillows and the caramelized apple with the fresh fruit and syrup became the perfect bite.  There was no desire for extra butter that I realized was missing from the table midstream. 
Brioche French Toast with Apple Compote, two sunny side eggs and sausage
  • This is the smile of a person who is happy to be alive but inside is thinking, where the fuck are my waffles!!?!  I know this woman enough to see in her face that what she really wanted was the over the top, diner or chain restaurant waffles stacked with the tower of fake whipped cream and maybe maraschino cherries on top.  The quaint French brunch vibe of Cafe Luluc was not the perfect choice. I go on record to also say I am not great at picking the right spots.  There is a real art to this and I hope to get better because it's an important part of any outing. 

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