Friday, August 21, 2020

TV's Got Them Images, TV's Got Them All

Due to watching an inordinate amount of free movies during the pandemic I've come to notice (more than ever before) that most of our mysteries and thrillers as well as horror movies revolve around young, pretty girls getting raped, tied up and beaten, savagely cut up, put in hostage situations, sexually promiscuous lesbians, whores chained in basements and it's no exaggeration.  I mean its a huge common theme.  So much so that's it disturbing to think about.  What's more is that I find myself enjoying many of them, the good ones.  I'm watching one right now, Frozen Ground.  I've seen it before.  I torture myself with bad Nicolas Cage movies, which is another story but wouldn't you know, it's about a serial murderer that targets young hooker dancers.  Actually, I knew because I picked it.  What does this say about us, that this could be entertainment? 
I don't feel deranged so I explain it by saying that it must be some bizarre fuel for our minds during uncertain times when our thoughts are filled with worry about incredibly scary but slightly less sensational things.  Maybe its therapeutic to process complicated deviant behavior in order to appease our brains. I mean, we're taking in so much reality right now.  So many people randomly getting accosted on the streets, thrown off subway tracks, stabbed from behind, shot down while walking a dog!  It has to go somewhere.  Maybe that's why we're so good at making these types of movies, even though many of the victims live on repeat as those cookie cutter stereotypes. Come to think of it, even the bad guys, the murderers and rapists are usually pretty over the top exaggerated versions of what most likely exists.  But in the good movies, the mains, our big Hollywood stars are capable of transforming into our best idea of calculated evil or at least the best hard working, big hearted detective that against all odds, solves the case at the last minute.  Not perfect but pretty darn satisfying.
We are a sick society, physically and mentally, it's fairly apparent at this point but it's weirder when you realize you're such a part of it.  I have to admit, just like the name evokes, Psychological Thrillers are my favorites, the freakier the better.  I need my brutality to come with a lot of mental side salad.
I guess to be fair, if you had to romanticize evil, murder, rape and chaining people in dark, wet, cold places is a good start.  I assume men write all of these stories, so it's interesting that the beautiful girls usually get smacked up and have to beg someone crying by the end in complete and utter desperation to be saved.  Interesting but not so surprising.  But if I had to be honest, its getting a little stale.  Perhaps with more women writers and movie makers we'll see next level variety soon.
Throwing fresh tomatoes into a stir fry for just a few moments turns them into an entirely different vegetable sensation.
Movies might be exorcise for our brains to utilize all these stored-up fears.  To begin and end all these random horrors we hear and read lurk just beyond our doors.
Sunny scenes from an after breakfast stroll.

Breakfast Migas

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