Wednesday, August 19, 2020

But There's Someone Who's Torn it Apart

Instead of having to consider an elaborate lunch I've been lazy in making Big Boy breakfast plates.  These definitely stick to your stomach and sometimes that's all I'll need to eat or just a snack later.  My little gut has not been the same since the 'rona.  I've eaten far less healthy too due to being at work during most meals. My entire body has not caught up yet but we all know my stomach and mind are besties and one affects the other.  The thought of food lately has felt more a chore than anything fun and exciting.  That's not normal for me.
In an equally strange occurrence, especially since we just witnessed the tree down the street crack from the storm and joked that our tree was gonna come crashing down on our living room that day, well wouldn't you know it almost did just a week later.  I came out to the kitchen to cook breakfast, looked out the window and noticed the branches were a pale whitish-green color.  On closer inspection it was because a huge branch was turned upside down. It had cracked and was left hanging onto our neighbors outdoor furnishings.  I texted them immediately but they were out of town.  I couldn't believe it.  Was this an omen?  They use their outdoor space all the time and it could have been deadly, for them.  But somehow it felt like the message was for us.  This is when you realize we try to make life make sense.  We joked about it falling and the branch did split days later.  But trees have been falling around town, old 70 to 100 year old trees.  It rained again last night, so it wasn't such a stretch.  Then again, if it strikes a nerve, maybe it's useful.  So my best dime store psychology read is; we're a very lucky couple of people in that we see a ton of bad things that could happen to us, occur regularly.  It's only that one tiny moment in nature that makes it so.  But luck can't last forever or usually doesn't, so we're on notice. I suppose you could say that's true for all of us always but especially right now. Somehow we put this thing in overdrive.  Other friends and family have relayed similar thoughts that of course we're all having.  You certainly can't ignore that we're living in the cone of uncertainty and we can't afford to remain frivolous.  I won't pretend to know exactly what that means but whatever is coming, feels like it's getting closer, becoming louder, more real, impossible to ignore.  Or it's just another blip on the universal radar.
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I had P go down and move the furniture for the neighbors
Later, they came and assessed the damage.

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