Thursday, January 25, 2018

Don't Leave Me This Way

I never quit learning that everything and anything can end abruptly. To savor moments as nothing is promised.  We have a guy, at the pizza place next door that gathers magic combinations of flavors.   We buy in individual slices in order to get a nice variety.  This has gone on for some time.  We halve the slices so as to each get a tasting.  Sure it's New York and you can get amazing pizza many places but this is ultra convenient, cheap and exceptionally good.  That is, while this particular guy was in charge of the kitchen.  Now he has gone on to another location, leaving the creation and assembly to others.  They are very nice, friendly and we won't stop buying from them but the majority of the genuine magic left with the chef.
When eating pizza, like burgers and tacos, it's hard to get too disappointed when you're lucky enough to have these delights in front of you.  But when you know how good it can be, then it's tougher to swallow down the inferior version.

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