Monday, December 30, 2013

You've Got a Strange Magic

The genius here was making tuna burgers taste good when they didn't sound good in my mind to begin with.  At all! But first off, using slightly better quality canned tuna made the world of difference.  You actually feel like you're really eating chunks of fish instead of weird salty threads.  So I started with a better main ingredient.  I added shredded carrots for moisture, green bell pepper, celery, green onion, grainy mustard, and garlic. And to bind 1/4 cup of oatmeal and one egg white. I also have a new Szechuan spice.  I had a nice vegetable medley with water chestnuts and snap peas so I wanted these burgers to have an Asian theme.
P is currently heavy into lettuce tacos so I serve the leaves like torts on the side so he can form his own little pockets.
I like mine served like a big salad.  This was exciting and that grainy mustard warmed in the tuna burger was such a surprise compliment to the tuna.

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